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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Khasin & Drozdovskyy litigation attorneys professionally represent clients’ interests in court proceedings in Ukrainian Commercial, Civil and Administrative courts when disagreements arise. Khasin & Drozdovskyy trial lawyers are adept at achieving the business objectives of our clients in cases ranging from contract disputes and regulatory matters to securities class action lawsuits and other complex commercial litigation.  We serve our clients with a broad, national litigation practice by attorneys whose backgrounds and experiences are as varied as the clients we serve.  As advocates and counselors, we succeed by combining knowledge of our clients' business with expertise in the law and the art of advocacy. Our experience and foresight leads to sound assessments of business and legal risks, accurate estimates of costs of defense, and, when necessary, favorable settlements.  As a result, we can deliver cost-effective services on multi-budget cases and efficiently respond to smaller matters.


Khasin & Drozdovskyy corporate lawyers handle a full range of corporate, securities, and financing matters, including public offerings and private placements of equity and debt for both issuers and underwriters or placement agents. In addition, we have a considerable experience in establishing the new legal entities, corporate restructuring, liquidation of legal entities, corporate governance, etc. We provide with our high grade professional corporate services both national and foreign clients.

Our lawyers have a great experience in supporting house construction activity starting from individual houses and cottage townships construction to apartment building construction. We provide our clients with legal services in each stage of construction process including choosing the appropriate form of capital investment. Additionally, we represent investors' interests in court procedures.
Intellectual property

The lawyers in our Intellectual Property Practice Group have a solid track record of success in obtaining, protecting, exploiting and enforcing intellectual property rights for clients in a wide range of industries. Our lawyers in this group offer our clients a tremendous breadth and depth of relevant knowledge and experience.

Khasin & Drozdovskyy Intellectual Property lawyers regularly assist clients in evaluating, structuring, negotiating and documenting major domestic and international transactions involving all types of intellectual property and technology, including technology transfer agreements, intellectual property development agreements, license agreements, employment and consulting agreements, confidentiality agreements, supply and requirements agreements, and covenants not to compete. Our lawyers in this group have also successfully litigated patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret cases in the Ukrainian Courts of different levels.

Working out the drafts of draft laws

As is known today Ukraine undergoes the process of deep system-based alterations. Political, constitutional legal and other reformations require brand new legislative background, the quality of which effects directly on the ultimate result of the afore-mentioned processes. Realizing such a challenge, Khasin & Drozdovskyy intends to play its considerable role in the development of national legislation in accordance with the world best lawmaking practices. As for today, assisting the subjects of lawmaking activity in draft laws working out is one of primary directions of our practices. Our lawyers and Attorneys-at-Law took a direct participation in working out the following list of draft laws:

  • On the civil and duty weapon
  • On the detective activity
  • On introducing amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine pertaining to the humanization of criminal liability
  • On introducing amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the Code on Administrative violations of Ukraine pertaining to responsibility for the violation of intellectual property legislation
Real Estate

Khasin & Drozdovskyy render a full range of services to support all kinds of real estate transactions and activities. In particular we are known to be competent in servicing of property acquisitions and disposal, mortgage, all kinds of investment projects, commercial lease arrangements, and support for the management of real estate objects.

Presently, our real estate services include:

  • change of land categorization and its further registration;
  • tax implications of real estate transactions;
  • negotiation support and drafting investment and subcontracting agreements;
  • mortgage-backed securitization;
  • resolution of disputes arising from real estate transactions;
  • structuring and due diligence of real estate acquisitions and disposals.

Present Ukrainian business area and therefore the tax environment is very different from what it was a few years ago due to the improvement of the tax legislation, and the temporary increasing of the tax administration effeciency. The growing number of complex cross-border M&A transactions, investment and finance deals require sophisticated international and domestic tax advice. Thus, today, we offer our clients a full scope of tax support for VAT, CPT, WHT, Capital Gains, local tax & duties, royalties, etc. Additionally, we have got an extensive experience of tax planning, advising on the effective Ukrainian tax legislation both national and foreign clients.


We understand that Ukrainian financial market is one of the most attractive and dynamic all over the world. Thus, our deal-oriented, client-focused team of experienced lawyers serve a wide range of financial institutions, in highly sophisticated financing transactions as well as in connection with traditional lending products. Our Ukrainian and international debt financing practice consists of professional lawyers with the ability to represent clients involved in different types of financial activity. In the banking we advice our clients on:

  • corporate bonds;
  • Eurobonds offerings;
  • project financing;
  • securitization;
  • Public Private Partnerships.
  • stock markets;
  • bilateral loans and banking;
  • syndicated lending;

Khasin & Drozdovskyy are proud to possess the strong Ukrainian antitrust practice based of the considerable experience of our professionals. We advice on various matters to minimize our clients’ efforts on several Antitrust procedures. In addition, we assist the clients obtaining approval of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine for the legally stipulated transactions such as M&A, establishing the new Company by several large legal entities, purchase of shares. We also do support our clients in concerted practices and unfair competition etc.

Media & Entertainment

Our Media & Entertainment Practice lawyers have a vast experience in this dynamic sector. Thus the latest amendment to the effective legislation with regard to advertising, foreign shareholding in the Ukrainian media and other issues has triggered a specific attention to the mass media market in Ukraine.

To assist our clients in this area, we provide the full scope of litigation support in media disputes, trademark, contract, copyright, trade secret, name and likeness issues.


Khasin & Drozdovskyy provides an unmatched range of labour, employment and benefits services to management clients. Big enough to handle the defense of complex class actions, yet flexible enough to move efficiently and quickly, we can serve the needs of multinationals as well as small businesses.

We provide clients with strategic and tactical advice that stresses best practices, prevention and compliance. When claims are made, however, we focus all our skills and experience as advocates on resolving conflicts.

Today Khasin & Drozdovskyy team provide the clients with the full range of services aimed on the labour disputes resolution, mediations and arbitrations and litigate employment disputes before various state agencies including the Ministry of Labor, State Unemployment Fund, and the State Tax Committee.

Telecom and technology

In the last decade, rapid advances in technology have resulted in fundamental – and often disruptive – changes to the business models of virtually all companies in the media, entertainment and telecommunications industries. Indeed, the convergence of various technologies and devices has had a profound impact on the way that businesses of all types operate. Khasin & Drozdovskyy experience working on the cutting edge of the technologies that brought about these changes, has positioned the firm to guide companies dealing with the new realities of today’s global business environment.

We provide our clients with including but no limited the following scope of services in telecom and technology area:

  • Serve companies internationally and domestically in Internet, software, semiconductors, networking, wireless, computers and peripherals, and related industries
  • Advise large companies in a variety of industries that are significant purchasers of technology products and services
  • Counsel clients on hardware and software systems acquisitions
  • Advise on online commercial ventures, marketing and promotion law compliance, electronic publishing and taxation of online activity
  • Represent both emerging and established companies in their efforts to compete with incumbent telecommunications operators, domestically and internationally
  • Negotiate, structure and document transactions involving the procurement of telecommunications products and services for a wide range of companies
  • Represent clients in inter-carrier partnering and interconnection negotiations, arbitrations and agreements
  • Advise on broadband deployment strategies, Internet services and facility issues
  • Counsel on tariffs, rates and telecommunications tax issues
  • Represent clients in telecommunications workouts, restructuring and bankruptcies
  • Transaction support – including mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures.