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Khasin & Drozdovskyy Barristers Association team handles the legal practice in key arenas, including antitrust, securities, intellectual property, insurance recovery, employment and environmental law. Our business and transactional attorneys are professionals in corporate securities, M&A, finance, IP, real estate, tax, corporate governance, bankruptcy and a range of regulatory issues.

What distinguishes Khasin & Drozdovskyy from competitors is our commitment to certain core values

Work with delight.. The ultimate goal of Khasin & Drozdovskyy Barristers Association is the incorporation of professionals and therefore arrangement of conditions for each team member to implement his own considerable potential to achieve success. We trust that only by virtue of combining the work performance and compensation level we can achieve total efficiency and top results. 

Quality of Services – our responsibility. We guarantee the top quality for our services, and thereafter we are ready to bear the legal responsibility for our deliverables. In view of the international legal services insurance practice we believe that personal responsibility of each attorney will be the ground for your assurance in our expertise.

The idea of “General Partnership”. The core of the concept is the absence of salaried employees in our team. Each of us acts on partnership basis at that being the essential part of the whole mechanism. Our success and performance is the effort of each of our professionals.

Social responsibility.. We fully perceive the scope of our social responsibility. Thus, we always declare our willingness to come to the legal aid for everyone. Our “pro bono” activity implies the rendering of free of charge legal services for unprivileged population. We intend to devote up to 10% of our business time for these purposes.

Beyond controversy, our core values matter enormously to the people who work at Khasin & Drozdovskyy, and we believe they matter to our clients also. You can make it sure any time convenient!