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21.11.11 15:44:26

The case Dnipropetrovsk City Council vs Euroecology International Corporation is settled

Arbitration court attached to the Economic Chamber and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic (Prague) satisfied the claim of JSC «Euroecology International Corporation», which was represented by Igor Khasin, in a case versus Dnipropetrovsk City Council and its Executive Committee for the credit interest recovery.

After several hearings held in this case (long trial was caused by defendant’s procedural rights abuse, unjustified intercession, counterclaim without paying of court fees, etc.) the Arbitration Court attached to theEconomic Chamber and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic (Prague) adjudge for the loan recovery. Current case, with the subject of contractual penalty interest recovery is the pursuit strategy chosen by JSC «Euroecology International Corporation» for the debt recovery. Despite defendant’s unwillingness to perform its obligations and made efforts to prevent the recognition and implementation of the previous judgment in Ukraine, it was declared by all judicial authorities, including the Supreme Court of Ukraine, and was executed. Our company will exert all our efforts to obtain the same result in interest recovery.