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Vitaliy Gatseliuk
Vitaliy Gatseliuk

Vitaliy Gatseliuk (Ph.D, senior scholarly officer in the Institute of State and Law of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) is proud to hold the rank of Khasin & Drozdovskyy scientific counselor.

As early as his school years, being the pupil of the history and law in-depth study lyceum Vitaliy had a devout wish to master the legal profession. Accomplishing these ends he has been working hard deeply elaborating in nuts & bolts of legal science. Ultimately, his efforts has resulted in the top places in local and All-Ukrainian school legal Olympics. Furthermore his scientific paper (The legal mechanisms for determining the Criminal Law principals) prepared in the Small Academy of Science led him to victory in the national stage of the contest and therefore has become the ground of his future Ph.D. thesis.

Studying of law science was proceeded in Lugansk Academy of Internal Affairs from which Vitaliy has successfully graduated and therefore received the diploma with honors in 2002. Several scientific papers were published during Vitaliys studies; he also took an active participation in a range of scientific conferences. Vitaliys scientific paper which was prepared within the contest dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Human rights protection Convention was recognized by the Academy of the Law Science of Ukraine. All of such success has resulted in Vitaliys further enrolling into the postgraduate studentship right after graduating from the Academy.

Accomplishing his PhD thesis under the supervision of S.S. Yatsenko (PhD), Vitaliy has received his PhD degree in accordance with the results of the public thesis defense in Ivan Franko Lviv National University and therefore obtained the PhD diploma having his 23 yours old.

Consequently he was engaged in the educational activity at that combining the latter with the seat of the head of legal support department of Lugansk State University of Internal Affairs.

Vitaliy is responsible for approximately 20 scientific publications, among them 2 monographies highly recognized in the scientific area.

In 2006-2007 Vitaliy was engaged in the program Assistant of the Head of the Committee of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, attended and therefore received the diploma of the Ukrainian school of lawmaking within the Legislation Institute of the Supreme Council of Ukraine.

In 2007-2014 Vitaliy hold the position of senior consultant on legal and scientific support and deputy head of the secretary of the Supreme Counsel of Ukraine Committee on legislative support of law enforcement.